New Eye Vision has established affordable cataract surgery, without waiting

Now there is a quicker alternative to the public waiting list

New Eye Vision is a medical company that was created to combat the high costs of cataract surgery in the private system.

Patients have become frustrated with the long delays on the public waiting list, and while cataract surgery has always been available in the private hospital system, for uninsured patients to date, this has been very expensive.

New Eye Vision has negotiated with medical supply companies, the makers of your artificial lens, and Lingard Private Hospital to provide a low cost alternative. Your ophthalmologist is able to perform your surgery in a state of the art facility and pass on these savings.


Cataract Surgery with Multifocal IOL’s

New Eye Vision now also offers affordable state of the art Cataract surgery with Multifocal intraocular lenses, so that you may have spectacle independence after surgery.

This means that if you are suitable you may not need glasses at all anymore! This surgery is not available through the public system and so you cannot go on the waiting list to have these type of lenses.

New Eye Vision offers this surgery at a substantially reduced price compared to having it done as a non insured patient in a private hospital.

Speak to our friendly staff at Newcastle Eye Centre and they will arrange for your New Eye Vision surgery on 4929 5969.